ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting

August 17-20, 2020

Addressing Chemical Complexity with Nonlinear Optical Microscopy

A symposium in the Physical Chemistry division

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Symposium Description

Despite its introduction over four decades ago, the ability to couple the measurement of nonlinear phenomena with the spatial resolution of a microscope objective has continued to rapidly evolve through both the application of more sophisticated techniques and the study of more complex systems. Progress in the field of nonlinear microscopy has afforded deep penetration in biological tissues, additional modalities for chemical contrast, and dynamics on ultrafast timescales. Challenges remain, however, in extracting new information from increasingly congested samples with minimal perturbation. Innovations in instrumentation, the development of new image analysis methodologies, and novel applications of existing techniques promise new insight into intrinsically heterogeneous samples. This symposium will gather scientists from the fields of chemistry, physics, engineering and biology into a collaborative environment where ideas of technology innovations and sample applications can be shared and discussed. Progress, existing challenges, and impact will be emphasized. Organizers: Tessa Calhoun and Martin Fischer

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All presentations will be following by a live Q&A session.

While this symposium originated as part of the ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Conference, participation in these Zoom sessions is not limited to those registered for the conference. As such, feel free to share this website and its information with any of your colleagues and students that may be interested!
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Monday, August 17

Computational and Developmental Techniques

Presider: Ken Knappenberger

Multimodal Imaging

Presider: Jesse Wilson
Tuesday, August 18

Pump-Probe Imaging

Presider: Erik Grumstrup

Materials for Energy Applications

Presider: Joanna Atkin
Wednesday, August 19

Applications in Biology I

Presider: Luke Mortensen

Raman Imaging

Presider: Tong Ye
Thursday, August 20

Applications in Biology II

Presider: Francisco Robles